sabrina sullivan

Sabrina Sullivan

Located: Farmington, New Mexico
Age:  31
Occupation:   Automation supervisor  | Personal trainer at The Colosseum

  • 2013 NM Fitness: 4th figure tall 
  • 2014 Las Vegas Fitness Weekend – 4th figure short

Future Comp:    OCB 2015
Training:    5 years with personal trainer.

I've spent my entire youth working for my family's small oil and gas company. Upon graduating from school I pursued a career in the Air Force studying Civil Engineering. Although I loved it, I was medically discharged for knee injuries which hindered my ability to be mobile; in turn dampening my athletic lifestyle. This pushed me into working with different trainers to regain my healthy and athletic life once again. In the process I was gently nudged into competing and realized I thrived under pressure. Throughout the "prep" I learned it required a huge amount of discipline both in the kitchen as well as the gym. Most importantly I learned how awesome it felt to see myself change with a little hard work in the gym and the proper nutrition. 

 As personal trainer, I am motivated to instill a sense of importance regarding healthy eating and exercise.  I want to help others learn how to eat properly, learn how to quit demonizing food, as well as leading a more active lifestyle. I am now a sponsored athlete for P4P Nutrition as well as Dynamic Training; I strongly believe in these two and want to pass on the knowledge I've learned from previous trainers, as well as my sponsors, onto my clients.