Working With A Trainer

Personal Training

There is only 1 way to gain access to our beautiful new facility and that is through one of our certified Colosseum Personal Trainers.  We have created a gym like this on purpose.  We believe the an individual can achieve more progress working with a Personal Trainer than can ever be obtained training on their own.  

Personal Training is an individual and unique experience for each person.  At The Colosseum we want to:

  1. Provide the most optimum exercise, work out, and training environment possible.
  2. Create a private setting where you can focus on your personal goals without being distracted of overwhelmed with large crowds you may encounter in open gyms.
  3. Connect you with a Personal Trainer that will be the most synergistic and complimentary fit for your personality, goals, and body type.


For those individuals who are competing or training to compete, The Colosseum is absolutely the best solution for you to maximize your fitness potential.  Although all of our Trainers can help you achieve your fitness goals, we want to help link you with the "right" Trainer to make the process as enjoyable as possible.